New clubs aim to use technology creatively


With the dawning of the 2021-22 school year, students have introduced new clubs revolving around using technology and online platforms.  


The YouTube Influencer Club (YIC) and the Software Development Club (SDC) led by Christine Lee (11) and Eric Lee (11) respectively seek to spark creativity within the student body.


“The YIC aims to provide students with new opportunities by using the YouTube platform,” Christine said. “Today, online influencers and YouTubers are jobs that ensure active creativity and knowledge of working outside the box, so we hope to give the students here the same experience.”


As a YouTuber herself, Christine believes everyone has the potential to become creative content creators. 


“We aim to foster an environment that welcomes new ideas and offers a sense of freedom from the external pressures of studying,” Christine said. “Groups will come up with specific content that they feel passionate about and will work as a team to edit, film, and post the video to YouTube.


SDC is another club encouraging students to utilize technology creatively. Through coding, the club will teach students how to develop apps, websites, and games for the school community. Students will then form groups and work on projects that showcase their original ideas.


“Many of my students wanted a means to develop apps and websites for the school,” Alexander Weir, advisor of SDC, said. “They thought it would be a fun process that would yield great results. I think the idea of creating applications to use in classrooms and clubs is a great way to contribute to the community.”


By giving students unique opportunities, both clubs look forward to maximizing the student body’s creativity through up-and-coming mediums. Especially as online engagement increased during the pandemic, students are exploring the new realms of various technological platforms.