SIS remodels playgrounds and gym



Picture of the renovated playground

Over the summer, SIS renovated all three playgrounds and the bench in Tiger Gym 1. The playgrounds were completely replaced with new equipment, and the benches of TG1 were also replaced with new ones spelling out “SIS.” Elementary school teachers and students, who use the playgrounds most frequently, welcomed this change more than anyone else.


“I could definitely see my students outside challenging themselves and working together,” Diahn Hill, a first-grade teacher at SIS elementary school, said. “The teachers are trying to let the students play outside and enjoy the fresh air since we are aware that students wish to go out and play in the new playground.” 


Ms. Hill found that students were more focused and attentive during classes after spending time outside. Students listened more attentively and completed individual tasks more effectively after exercising and clearing their minds.


Not only was there a visible increase in students’ level of concentration, but the playgrounds also improved social interactions among students, which were lacking throughout the pandemic. As a first-grade teacher, Ms. Hill has seen the new students fitting in by trying to solve the puzzles on the playground and working with others to make their way across the climbing structure. 


“The playground was something new for everyone,” Ms. Hill said. “This year, I was happy that the new students naturally got along with everyone and formed friendships easily while exploring the new playground.”


A change that pertains to more middle and high school students is the new benches in Tiger Gym 1. Beyond the aesthetic improvement, Steven Nave, coach of the girls’ volleyball team, believes the renovations will offer a heightened sense of school spirit.


“Skills and teamwork matter when we are competing against other teams, but what is often missed out on is the spirit of the team,” Coach Nave said. “To look at what the benches can do during home games, we have to look at what the bench shows us. The bench is beyond being visually sensual. The benches show us unity and team spirit.” 


According to Coach Nave, the replaced benches will strengthen team spirit during both practices and home games. When other schools visit during SIS home games, opponents will see the benches and will immediately recognize the fierce school spirit of the Tigers. 


“The benches represent who we are,” Coach Nave said. “Schools will come to SIS, see our benches, and know that they’re going to lose.”