Spooky scary SIS sends shivers down your spine

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor

*DISCLAIMER: Some aspects have been exaggerated for dramatic effect.


SIS is a seemingly ordinary school, with few rumors about haunted places and cursed objects.


But some students give accounts of their eerie experiences in SIS that are simply hard to explain.


Brandon Cho (10) describes one such incident that occurred in the hidden hallway behind the swimming pool lockers.


“In seventh grade, my friends and I found out the veiled area while walking down the stairs to the swimming pool,” Brandon said. “The hallway was dark and uncanny and gave off a ghostly aura. Unlike my friends who were uninterested, I had a strong curiosity and urge to explore the unknown place.”


Brandon slowly walked down deeper into the pitch-black hallway, using a dim flashlight to brighten up his path. Yet he soon had no choice but to turn back, as he was met by a dead end.


“But as I was turning back, My feet suddenly felt numb and I heard a high-pitch screech ringing in my ear,” Brandon said. 


Feeling uneasy, Brandon shouted out a holler of help towards the hallway entrance, where his friends were. But there was no response.


“‘Y’all there?’ I yelled louder, but there was still no answer,” Brandon said. “At some point, I suspected that my friends had left me alone in the dark place. Angry and upset at that thought, I ran out of the hallway as quickly as possible to check if they had stayed.”


To Brandon’s relief, all of his friends were waiting outside for him. Catching his breath from running, Brandon indignantly asked his friends why they didn’t respond to his yell. 


“But to my surprise, my friends were genuinely clueless as to what I was talking about. ‘What scream?’ they said, with puzzled looks on their faces,” Brandon said. “Since then, I never entered the cursed place again. But I still get chills when I reminisce about that incident.”


Allison Lee (10) delineates another spine-chilling account she experienced in the area above the third floor in the HS building.


“In freshman year, I decided to stay after school in the third-floor lounge with my friends because I was overloaded with homework,” Allison said. “But my friends and others in the lounge were so loud that I couldn’t concentrate.”


That was when Allison spotted the stairs leading up from the third floor. She had a sudden urge to go up those stairs. The space above the third floor turned out to be quiet and comfortable, so she was able to concentrate and work on her assignments.


“But when about an hour had passed, peculiar things began to happen. The noise of banter coming from downstairs turned into dead silence in a split second, and the only sound audible was the clock ticking,” Allison said. “I wondered what had happened, so amidst the eerie silence, I headed down. Then I found out that there was nobody, no students or custodians, on the third floor.”


Calmly trying to comprehend the situation, Allison picked up her phone and called her friends. But the only sound she heard was the monotonous voice message saying that they could not be reached.


“Later that day, my friends told me that they left without me, thinking that I had gone home before them,” Allison said. “But until this day, I still cannot comprehend the oddness of the unforeseen silence I experienced.”


At its surface, SIS is a normal school, with its students repeating their lackluster routines day by day. Yet some stories by students are still unsolved mysteries that send a shiver up the spine.