HSSC throws a new type of Snowball


Paul Moon, Copy Editor

On April 1, HSSC will be throwing the first Snowball since the start of COVID-19 lockdowns. However, while previous Snowballs have been dance events for freshmen and sophomores held outside of school, this upcoming Snowball will be a casino night, filled with games, competitions, and many expensive prizes. 

“We had originally planned to host the Snowball outside of school like usual, but we had to ensure that all COVID-19 regulations were met,” Allison Lee (10), HSSC member, said. “To prevent further delays from trying to arrange a venue, we just decided to host an event at school and change the format.”

The upcoming Snowball will be the largest even so far in the school year, and the prizes reflect its grandiosity. The prize pool includes a PlayStation 5, a new iPad Air, Sony headphones, and many more. Activities will include poker, blackjack, UNO, Chess, Nintendo Switch games, and basketball shootout among others.

The HSSC is not the only group contributing to the Snowball, and other clubs such as MP3 and D$Q will provide entertainment throughout the event. Also, there will be a photobooth section that will be run by Aperture.

On a side note, because the date of the event is April 1, some comments on the HSSC’s Instagram posts promoting Snowball questioned whether this event is just a big April Fools joke. However, the event is certainly happening, and the HSSC members and advisors have been working hard for months to make the event as enjoyable as possible for all students.

“Predicting attendance is really difficult, but it will definitely be over a hundred, and the fact that we are giving away a PlayStation 5 and an iPad definitely got more people interested,” Nathan Warkentin, HSSC advisor, said. “I think that if this event is a success, which it will likely be, this casino night format will likely be returning again.”