Club Application FAQ With Mr. Ames

Q: How many clubs should I join?

A: This is completely up to you. How many clubs are you interested in, and how much responsibility can you handle? As you start getting executive positions and figure out your passions, you might decide to commit to two or three clubs. Also, if you have other activities (forensics, quiz, sports, etc.), you might not have time for as many clubs.

But otherwise, it’s also not a bad idea to try out several different clubs to see what fits. 


Q: How do I become an executive?

A: The executive selection process takes place at the end of the year, so don’t worry about that too much for now. More details will come out then, so just focus on being active and committed to your club!


Q: How important are clubs?

A: Clubs will be a large part of your high school experience. They offer unique opportunities to meet new people, pursue specific interests, and display leadership. By the end of high school, it’s possible that your greatest achievements and commitments include club activities. So choose wisely, and don’t forget that getting into a club isn’t everything—it’s your responsibility to do great things within your club.


Q: Do I have to stay in a club for multiple years?

A: Not at all. We have club applications at the start of every year, so you can join any new clubs during this time. You will probably stay in some clubs for the entirety of high school, but as your interests shift, you may also probably try joining other clubs in the future. 


Q: Do clubs last the entirety of activity period?

A: Most clubs begin around 1:10, giving you thirty minutes to eat. Depending on the club and the occasion, the meeting might last anywhere from five to thirty minutes. Still, it wouldn’t be wise to plan extra events after a club meeting. 


Q: Can I be removed from a club in the middle of the year?

A: Yes. Most clubs run on a strike system, and once you receive a certain number of strikes (for absences or failing to do a required task), you might be removed after discussions with advisers and executives. So, choose clubs you’re genuinely attracted to!


Q: Is there absolutely no way to get into clubs after Friday?

A: Technically, it’s possible if you reach out to the advisors and executives. However, you’re strongly encouraged to apply right now if you’re interested. That way, your chances of getting in are better and you won’t miss any club activities.