September: News Briefs


ICC promotes peace and diversity

International Culture Club (ICC) promoted the UN International Peace Day on Sept. 19. The purpose of this day was to spread the idea of peace by celebrating world peace and diversity. Students and staff members were dressed in blue and white, and received white roses and ribbons from the club members. Although there was little time to promote the day, Heeyon Park (11), ICC president, says that the club was still able to spread awareness.

“Compared to what we had expected, the Peace Day was successful in spreading awareness,” Heeyon said. “We didn’t know what to expect because it was done on such short notice, but students were curious about the flowers that we handed out, which allowed us to explain what the Peace Day was all about.”

KIS hosts first KNHS conference

The first Korea National Honor Society (KNHS) Conference was held at Korea International School on Sept. 20. At KNHS, a conference with all National Honor Societies (NHS) of international schools  in Korea, NHS members were placed in random groups and participated in leadership and teambuilding activities. Groups were given different scenarios in which they tried to find solutions together using their leadership skills . KNHS also had a guest speaker Pastor Peter Chung, who lectured about leadership using Humility, Integrity, Purpose and Sacrifice.

“The purpose of creating this society was to help unify ourselves as NHS members and learn from each other,” said Kathleen Jo (12), NHS President. “We wanted to uphold our four values: Leadership, Scholarship, Character and Community Service.”

Badminton to begin practice in spring season

A high school badminton program will be created during the spring sports season, starting in February. There will be a co-ed team that will be practicing in Tiger Gym 2 using four courts that were newly painted during the summer break. According to Ivan Atanaskovic, Activities and Athletics Coordinator, the purpose of this program is to provide more opportunities for students not interested in  soccer or swimming. Although it is not an official KAIAC sport, Mr. Atanaskovic sees potential in expanding the program into other international schools and eventually the KAIAC league.