Students develop interests, life skills by partaking in many extracurricular activities


More is less. This is often the opinion of many counselors and teachers regarding extracurricular activities. Students are often encouraged to dedicate themselves to a number of activities related to a particular field of interest instead of juggling too many at once. However, participation in multiple extracurricular activities can open more opportunities for students, and can teach students valuable lessons and virtues.

High school is not only the step before college, but also a time for exploration. By engaging in a variety of activities, students who are still unsure of their future goals can not only familiarize themselves with their strengths and weaknesses, but also distinguish their true interests from mere hobbies. This exploration is most ideal in high school, as students can easily access the support of trusted adults to help guide them through their exploration process.

Moreover, commitment to various activities teaches students to manage their time effectively. Although high school may seem to be an extremely busy time period to students, they will likely have to juggle more commitments in the future. It is beneficial for students to learn to manage their time in high school, when parents, friends and others can easily support them,

Furthermore, it is extremely unfair to categorize all students who participate in many extracurricular activities under the assumption that they are not committed, to individual activities, as the quantity of activities is not an accurate indicator of one’s diligence and commitment. Although there are those who choose not to dedicate fully to their activities, there are also those who make considerable sacrifices to ensure that their partaking in many commitments does not hinder their devotion to individual clubs and teams. According to Fredric Schneider, Dean of Students, there is no set number of activities in which students must participate. Therefore, students who believe themselves as capable of committing to various activities can find it extremely beneficial to partake in multiple activities.

In order to experience as many events and activities as possible, students can take advantage of their surroundings and engage themselves in however many activities or fields in which they are interested, as this exposure is extremely important for personal development, in both encouraging students define their passions, and helping them learn important life skills. Sometimes, more is not less.