November: Letter to the Editor from Fredric Schneider

I cannot resist the opportunity to respond to the article on Early College deadlines.

This is not like a “typical American public school’ where most seniors would apply to five or six schools at the most. SIS seniors are allowed to apply to fourteen private schools requiring teacher and counselor recommendations and an unlimited number of public schools which either require self-reported transcripts or have no teacher recommendation requirements.

This is also not a normal school even in Korea when it comes to Early Decision (ED) and Restricted Early Action (REA) applications. SIS students like seeing the numbers so here is data from the previous years on the Early applications:


ED: 48 of 89 seniors applied; 19 accepted, 13 deferred and 16 denied

REA: Seven seniors applied; no acceptances


ED: 54 of 89 seniors applied;

13 accepted, 14 deferred and 27 denied

REA: 14 seniors applied;

no acceptances


ED: 66 of 94 seniors applied

REA: 14 seniors applied

Once applications are submitted in early plans, the seniors have completed the Common Application, at least two teachers have completed recommendations and I have completed the Secondary School Report and my recommendation.  Seniors who have committed to one school in either of the above plans now have a remaining list of schools as competitive as the one school to which they applied in an early plan.  It is not that difficult or time consuming to complete additional requirements for the schools on the remaining list.

Decisions arrive in mid-December during exams.  Obviously, more students get bad news than get good news.  This is not the time of the year to be faced with exams and the last minute completion of applications.  Therefore it is crucial that their completed applications be on file along with the all the supporting requirements in order for receiving colleges and universities to have a complete file.  Remember, just submitting your application is not the end of the process as all the other requirements must be there along with first semester senior grades before the first reader makes the initial recommendation on your application.

Also remember that Ms. Lee, your teachers and I are working in your best interests and these deadlines are in your best interest.