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HSSC hopes to gather feedback from students on Open Forum

During election season, HSSC candidates frequently promise their peers to be the voice that bridges the gap between the student body and administration. Some students, occasionally finding the promise unfulfilled, criticize the HSSC for being unresponsive to student voices. In response to such opinions, the Student Improvement Council (SIC) launched the Open Forum on Oct. 14, in hopes of collecting suggestions to make improvements.
“The HSSC has always looked for a more effective means of communication with the students,” said Sean Syverson, HSSC adviser. “The Open Forum is another avenue through which students can express not only complaints, but also opinions, ideas and even celebrations.”
The SIC, which consists of vice presidents from each council, will monitor the Open Forum survey on Moodle. The survey, which allows for anonymous responses, categorizes the concern and asks for a description, potential cause and possible solution of the issue, prompting the student body to take a more constructive approach toward feedback.
“There was never a way to be sure that a complaint I said to a friend in HSSC would reach the administration,” Sarah Hahn (11) said. “Last year, when Snowball was held at school, many students were upset and voiced their frustration, but our complaints made no difference in the administration’s decision. I hope having a formal survey will help bridge the gap.”
Responses collected will be reported to the executive council, where the HSSC will discuss further action. Policy-related concerns will be brought to the administration’s attention during the SIC’s monthly meetings with Jarret Lambie, high school principal.
“Many of the responses so far concern sanitation; people are not flushing toilets after they go to the bathroom,” said David Moon (11), junior class vice president and SIC member. “To address such widespread concern, the SIC will definitely work on a campaign to promote sanitation across our campus. Likewise, we hope to continue to shape our future efforts after the desires of the student body.”

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