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August/September: News Briefs

Science labs renovated over summer break

One of the most significant renovations made for teachers and students over summer break was the revamping of science classrooms.

“I get to teach in a larger room, with more accessible labs,” said Brian Mellon, science teacher. “The labs are all connected to electricity, a new floor, and even three sinks with clean, running water.”

The updates have not only increased accessibility, but have also introduced the issue of class safety.

“In all situations, safety is first and foremost,” said Debora Kim (12), Science Club co-president. “The renovations, such as the addition of flame hoods and safety showers, are significant in ensuring safe environments to explore science in.”

Paul Andersen to visit for science workshop

Paul Andersen, host of “Bozeman Science,” a Youtube channel with over 300,000 subscribers, will visit SIS on Sept. 20-21 for a science education workshop.

“When the next generation of science standards came out, he broke them down for teachers,” said Peter Kahl, Administrator for Instructional Services. “He is renowned internationally.”

This will be Mr. Andersen’s first visit to Korea. Although he will only meet teachers on Sept. 20, he will step into classes the next day.

“It is amazing we get to have such an accomplished scientist,” said James Gerhard, high school principal. “It will be an especially interesting experience for science students.”

Cafeteria deli removed

Returning students found that the J&J Catering deli had been replaced with more lunch tables.

“The high school student population increased too much this year,” said Sooyeon Kwak, J&J nutrition specialist. “We had no place to accommodate additional tables, so the deli had to go.”

However, the sudden change and a lack of communication have left the student body and J&J staff members confused.

“I have no idea why the deli has disappeared,” said Bora Lee, J&J server. “We assumed that it was a corporate decision. They did not let us know that it would be gone.”

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