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Race to 2016: Bernie Sanders


“Excuse me, do you know who Bernie Sanders is?”


“He’s a presidential candidate for 2016, who works for the common good of society rather than catering to the individualistic needs of—”

“—I’m sorry, I only know Donald Trump and that Clinton dude.”

“Please, sir. It’s 2015. There are two Clintons.”

Although he may not be a frontrunner and certainly is not the most noticeable among the 22 presidential candidates for 2016, Bernie Sanders, a self-declared democratic socialist, is drawing energized crowds with his fiery anti-billionaire rhetoric. Originally a Democratic Senator from Vermont, Sanders is the most liberal of all candidates, supporting LGBTQ rights, abortions for women, criminal justice reform, and solutions to institutional racism.

Sanders’ main concern, however, is economic, dealing with income inequality and anybody that is excessively rich—banks, billionaires, Wall Street—and corporate greed in general. Hillary Clinton may say she’s the “everyday American’s champion,” but Sanders is the only candidate acting as one. In order to combat his greatest fear, income inequality, Sanders would implement an even steeper progressive tax, which would compel the rich to pay increased taxes in order to support so-called “socialist” programs. These programs, such as Obamacare and Social Security, redirect collected funds to poorer citizens and relieve them of the burden of paying for what may be argued as basic human necessities.

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