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Pepping up the Tiger spirit

Pepping up the Tiger spirit

Michelle Ahn | November 9, 2017

As the banner that says “TIGERS” is torn apart, the Tigers of Seoul International School know that the fall season sports have come to an end. Recently developed as a tradition, Tiger Sports Council...

Varsity Boys Tennis 17′-18′

Michelle Ahn | September 22, 2017

Minki Kim (12) My ultimate goal as an individual is to follow the footsteps of our former 1st singles players and finish the season undefeated. As a captain of the team, I would like to share all my...

Meet your 17-18 fall sports athletes

Meet your 17′-18′ fall sports athletes

Soomin Chun | September 17, 2017

      Icons made by April Kim (12)

Varsity Girls Tennis 17′-18′

Dawn Kim | September 17, 2017

Cinji Lee (12) Whenever we can, we're watching our teammates' matches and cheering for them, making sure that they get all the support we can possibly give. In this sense, we are acting as a united...

Varsity Boys XC 17′-18′

Jeremiah Nam | September 17, 2017

Kevin Kim (11) My goal for this season is not only to challenge myself to become a faster runner and obtain my personal record but also to run together with my team to bring out a result that would...

Varsity Girls XC 17′-18′

Jocelyn Lee | September 17, 2017

Jiwon Chung (12) My goal for the cross country team has always been to make everyone feel comfortable and supported by everyone. Now that I'm a senior, I guess I feel more responsibility for providing...