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October News Briefs

Food Allergy Awareness Due to incidences of allergic reactions by student consumers, JJ’s has kept track of potential allergy-inducing ingredients to ensure safety for its consumers. The most recent additions to the list of allergenic foods include beef, squid, shellfish, chicken, and walnuts. These foods… Keep Reading

News/Save Our Society

Wall-E: A prophecy come true

By Daniel Shin and Eric Song In 2007, Andrew Stanton envisioned a world full of big babies “because there was no reason for them to grow up any more.” Based on this imagination, he directed and released “Wall-E,” a harsh, yet thought-provoking film depicting obese… Keep Reading


Standards of club application process require clean up

Just weeks ago, the executives of all clubs finished running through stacks of applications and sent out emails notifying the applicants’ acceptances and rejections. The selection process definitely requires painstaking efforts behind; when student club executives evaluate an application, they have to consider everything from… Keep Reading


Refugee crisis demands greater action

The deafening sounds of bombs dropped from helicopters roar in the background as children frantically scream for their mothers. Amid the colorless, shattered buildings, a throng of people reach out their hands to help a man who holds his baby in his arms, trying to… Keep Reading


Stephen Colbert returns with the Late Show

“The Late Show” greeted its new host and successor of David Letterman, Stephen Colbert on Sept. 8. After a ten-month absence following his departure from “The Colbert Report” last December, the prominent political commentator is expected to put behind the right-wing extremist persona in his… Keep Reading


Ronda Rousey: The Face of Women’s MMA

The notion of a women ever fighting in the Octagon was once a laughing matter to Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), in 2011. Yet it took just four years for female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star Ronda Rousey to rise to… Keep Reading

Save Our Society

Comfort Women: Forgive but not forget

By DANIEL SHIN and ERIC SONG There is nothing physically imposing about Eva Kohr. Her frail body and sorrowful, tear-laden eyes give the impression that even the smallest breeze can blow her over. Even so, not even the strongest storm of winds could do such… Keep Reading


Chefs Heat Up Entertainment Industry

Recently, chefs have been devouring the Korean television airwaves with their frequent appearances on both cooking and reality shows. From programs with straightforward titles such as “Three Simple Meals a Day” to more nifty concoctions, including “My Little Television” and “Teacher Baek’s House Rice,” the… Keep Reading

News/News Briefs

August/September: News Briefs

Science labs renovated over summer break One of the most significant renovations made for teachers and students over summer break was the revamping of science classrooms. “I get to teach in a larger room, with more accessible labs,” said Brian Mellon, science teacher. “The labs… Keep Reading

News/Race to 2016

Race to 2016: Bernie Sanders

“Excuse me, do you know who Bernie Sanders is?” “Who?” “He’s a presidential candidate for 2016, who works for the common good of society rather than catering to the individualistic needs of—” “—I’m sorry, I only know Donald Trump and that Clinton dude.” “Please, sir.… Keep Reading


Early closure of school due to MERS scare ineffective

Unlike the usual celebration that ends an academic year, SY 2014-2015 dwindled into an anticlimactic fizz when school closed two days earlier than expected. In an effort to prevent the further spread of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that glanced Korea in the beginning… Keep Reading

News/School News

Revived buddy program achieves mutual benefit

Several bright-eyed students were seen during the first few days of school roaming around in white T-shirts labeled “SISA.” The “SISA” logo, which stands for Seoul International School Ambassadors, indicated members of the buddy program, an initiative focused on actively welcoming new high school students.… Keep Reading

Global News/News

Lotte family feud stirs controversy

The Lotte family recently garnered negative publicity regarding its legal issues and radical nationalism. Controversy first sparked in January when Dong-joo Shin, older brother, was stripped of his title as vice chairman of Japan Lotte Holdings, due to suspicion of unproductive work. Six months later,… Keep Reading

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