Winter concerts expected to commence after delays


Daniel Shin, Managing Editor

For weeks, the high school orchestra has been perfecting its performance and thoroughly rehearsing ahead of its big show in the auditorium scheduled to take place on Dec. 15, days before the start of winter break. Despite the recent school closures, the orchestra has still managed to practice in a virtual setting. 

“Most of our rehearsals have been in TG2 and Ms. [Julia] Kim, [orchestra director], was able to rehearse with the orchestra for two weeks,” Michael Ganus, orchestra director said. “When we were online on Monday, we had the students turn in recordings.”

The orchestra winter concert was originally scheduled to take place the week before, but due to COVID-19 related issues and subsequent school closures, the date has been pushed back. Nevertheless, the concert itself is expected to run as normal with a limited number of attendees in the auditorium.

“Since we could not come to school on Monday due to COVID-19 cases and the concert was canceled, I was a little disappointed,” Ryan Jung (10), orchestra member said. “I was practicing until the day before the concert was supposed to take place as I had an important part to play.”

The orchestra will be performing a number of different music in hopes of embracing the festivity of the upcoming holidays. The songs that the orchestra will be performing include Dvorak Symphony No. 9 and Saga by Ilari Hylkila. The two pieces are a blend of contemporary orchestra and classical music.                                  

“I think [the orchestra] likes the music, although it may not be as challenging of a program as it has been in the past,” Mr. Ganus said. “But with fewer rehearsals and less time together, I think it is really good music this time of the year. I would say the overall feel is very positive.”

While many students are feeling pressured to finish off the year strong, the winter concert will give the members of the orchestra something to look forward to and add some excitement to the exam-loaded week. Students who are not part of the orchestra are welcome to attend the concert for an exciting showing of different music.

“I think we are all weary of this semester because of the pandemic,” Mr. Ganus said. “They are happy when we get together and perform, but I think there have been setbacks of COVID-19 pitting us so many times that it has just been rough on us. Overall though, [members of the orchestra] are eager and excited.”