NHS brings $how Me the Money to SIS


Jennifer Kwon, Reporter

Last month, the National Honor Society (NHS) members found ways to fundraise money for the Chungwon Orphanage. While most groups raised money through market sales, Skylar Peck (11) and Alice Lee (11) decided to bring $how Me the Money to SIS not only as a way to entertain the community but to also collect funds.  

Because the original program garnered national viewership over the past 10 years, the majority of SIS students and faculty members already knew what the show was about. Consequently, when this event was publicized through posters, Instagram stories, and PA announcements, many high schoolers were intrigued. 

On Dec. 10, four groups signed up and showcased their talent in the atrium during activity period. The show started off with Andrew Nam (11) shocking the audience by rapping to IndiGO. Ethan Choi (12) quickly followed up, performing Northfacegawd’s Bokdeokbang (복덕방). Next, Jordan Kim (11) and Bin Chiang (11) teamed up, singing to Sokodomo’s 회전목마. Finally, Andrew Nam (11) and Joshua Lee (11) closed the event after caroling to Kid Milli’s Homono.

“I saw the performance with my friends and everyone did a great job,” Taejoo Lee (11), audience member, said. “Andrew was brave to be the first one to perform and get the show started; Ethan memorized every lyric to Northfacegawd’s song, which I was amazed by; Jordan and Bin really stepped it up during the last minute; Josh had good chemistry with Andrew.”  

 As a means to further raise money, the audience was invited to purchase individual tokens and bet on their favorite rapper; with this, Ethan Choi was the ultimate winner, receiving the prize of a Stabucks gift card. 

“It was definitely one of the more creative and original fundraising events NHS was able to offer.” Skylar Peck (11), co-creator of this event, said. “It seemed as though the performers and the audience members had fun watching the event, as I saw lots of people walking out of the atrium with big smiles on their faces. Though we were not able to raise heaps of money for the orphanage, the positive energy the event brought amid upcoming midterms made it all worth it.”