College admissions: Four years of effort come to fruition


Jennifer Kwon, Copy Editor

Though the last quarter of the school year is the most stressful time of the year, with the majority of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen cramming for AP exams and finals, seniors are busy opening their much anticipated admission results. Except for the few who have committed to their first choice through the early restrictive action admissions round, most seniors are just beginning to hear back from colleges to see whether they got accepted, waitlisted, or rejected.

“I am still waiting to hear back from the majority of the colleges I applied to,” Nicholas Baik (12) said. “I did get multiple offers from different schools, so if I were to get rejected from all my other ones, I do have an option to fall back on which does make this process less stressful for me. Still, nothing beats the nerve-wracking feeling seeing a status update on a school website. Either way, I am trying to enjoy my last moments before the end of highschool and create many memories with my friends and family, so I am trying to not let any rejection or waitlisted letters get to me.”  

As of March 24, the Class of 2022 is waiting to hear results from over 700 applications. Most seniors have one or more offers of admission to consider, with acceptance numbers ranging from one to 11. While most seniors have multiple offers, they have yet to know the results of more than half of their application. 

Seniors who applied to the Ivy League are waiting for what is known as “Ivy Day.” This is a day when all eight Ivy League schools announce their results at the same time. This year, decisions will be released this Friday at 8AM Korean Standard Time (KST).

“Just like previous grades, there is no doubt that a lot of my friends applied for Ivy League schools.” Christine Yu (12) said. “Many of them have set getting into an Ivy as their main goal, and since there is only a limited number of spots that each school could offer for one school, it inevitably creates this tense, competitive environment amongst the seniors. But the tension has definitely alleviated compared to the middle of the year when early decisions came out. I am just happy this process is almost over, and I cannot wait for prom and graduation.”