Awards ceremony honors seniors


Cherlin Kim, Managing Editor

With the approaching end to the ‘21-22 school year, seniors experience their final days at SIS—their hard work rewarded through the Senior Awards Ceremony held on April 29. 

Both Academic Excellence and TIGERS Values awards were handed out to the seniors in  English, science, social studies, music, physical education, world languages, publications, mathematics, and art. 

Tessa Alden, head of the English department, awarded seniors Jaehyun Lim, Christine Yi, Sarah Ju, Chris Park, and Ashley Seong with the Academic Excellence Award, alongside John Lee who received the TIGERS Award for their contributions in enriching the English classroom environment throughout this school year. 

Jeff McEvoy-Hein, head of Mathematics, introduced the Academic Excellence winners John (Kang Won) Lee, Kris Park, Jason Park, and James Huh and TIGERS Values winners Jennifer Kwon and Jonathan Kim, who he described to have not only shown the highest performances but also conveyed the greatest determination in the math department. 

“I believe that I did put a considerable amount of effort this year, but I did not expect to win an award,” Chris Park, math Academic Excellence award winner, said. “While I may not be the most intelligent student in the room, I am thankful that my teacher appreciates the work I have done in the classroom. With the coming end to the year, it is a bit sad to be separated from my friends and teachers here at SIS, but I hope to maintain contact with, at least, a few.”

For the finale of the awards ceremony, the official announcement of this year’s salutatorian and valedictorian were confirmed: Christine Yi and Jason Park. 

Kelsey Edwards, head of counseling, applauded their hard work and gave the audience a brief overview of the beginning of their enrollment at SIS to their final days at the school leading up to graduation. With Christine entering SIS in senior kindergarten, Ms. Edwards applauded her growth, especially in her gain of independence. As for Jason, she recalls one of his interview answers in his SIS application, where he claims his parents are “perfect.” 

With a hint of humor and lots of nostalgia, the awards ceremony came to wrap—the only event left: Graduation.