SIS offers new lunch options during cafeteria renovation


With the cafeteria under renovation until Aug. 31, the SIS administration has allowed students to either bring packed lunches or enroll in the temporary lunch plan that began on Aug. 11. 

Students must have purchased their lunch coupons from the General Affairs Department over summer break to enjoy the foods provided by the lunch plan. With the help of the HSSC, students collected their coupons at the Snack Shack on the first week of school. 

Under the supervision of Chris Del Vecchio, SIS high school assistant principal, and Gray Macklin, SIS high school principal, students wait in line to receive their food on the first floor of the annex building. There, they are offered a variety of meals, with rotation between new food trucks and lunch boxes each day. 

“The first few days of the lunch plan were a bit chaotic, but I think it has overall become very efficient,” Mr. Del Vecchio said. “The food truck staff, the General Affairs Team, the admissions staff, and the HS office cooperated together to find out what was not working and effectively ironed out the issues. Students have also been very cooperative and understanding of the new lunch changes.” 

The administration requires all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to eat at the temporary cafeteria in the table tennis rooms, while seniors are free to eat either in the senior lounge or at the atrium. 

Students share mixed opinions about the execution of the temporary lunch plan and the food provided. 

“The lunch plan is very convenient, as we can easily dispose of our food after eating,” Elena Kim (11) said. “However, I do not like some of the food truck meals provided, so I am excited about eating at the cafeteria again, especially with new changes in the menu.” 

With the lunch plan coming to an end, students and staff look forward to a renovated cafeteria and changes in the lunch menu. 

“The new cafeteria already looks amazing,” Mr. Del Vecchio said. “The space is open and bright. I think we are all really excited, as it is definitely an improvement from the old cafeteria.”