BTS to enlist in military


BTS at the Grammy Awards 2019

On Oct. 18, Hybe corporation confirmed that BTS members will be on a hiatus until 2025 to fulfill their military service, with Jin (the oldest member) leaving for the military first by the end of October. 

With Cho Seong-jin (Korean pianist) and Son Heung-min (Tottenham soccer player) receiving military exemptions in the past, the public suspected that BTS would also be exempted. 

However, members of Parliament have instead encouraged BTS members to join the military with their revision of the Military Service Act, which allows BTS members to postpone their service until age 30.

This is not only a concern for Hybe, which has already dropped 2.5% in sales as of Oct. 20, but to South Korea’s economy as a whole—with BTS contributing at least $3.6 billion annually. 

Although upset, BTS fans are proud of BTS for choosing to serve their country and already look forward to their return in 2025.