Here’s a recap of Single’s Inferno 2:


On Dec. 13, the long-awaited dating show ‘Single’s Inferno 2’ premiered the first of ten episodes on Netflix.

Contestants arrived at a remote island off the coast of Incheon to win a night at a private luxury hotel with another participant of their choice. Those who get coupled up ride a helicopter and escape to Paradise Hotel, an elegant resort known for its Michelin-starred restaurants and lavish hotel rooms. Only during these intimate nights can players exchange information—about their age and occupations—to learn more about the other person. This is all in hopes of finding true love at the end of the series.

Single’s Inferno 2 was shot in the same location as its first season in Saseungbong-do. The island’s picturesque sunsets and ocean views are what make it a desirable destination for film producers. This is why many famous Korean reality shows like Running Man, Muhan Dojeon, and 2 Days 1 Night were also filmed here. 

Similar to Season 1, the series also featured MCs—including Hanhae, Hong Jin-kyung, Lee Da-hee, and Kyuhyun. 

Here are a brief description of the cast members: 

Shin Seul-ki, 28: Seoul National University student majoring in piano 

Park Se-Jeong, 26: Model under the agency YG K+

Choi Jong-woo, 25: Barista working for a family-owned cafe known for its trendy, popular sweet corn coffee 

Lee So-e, 23: Yonsei University student majoring in acting. She has appeared in on the famous k-drama ‘The Glory’ 

Jo Yoong-jae, 32: Finance manager at Hanhwa 

Nadine Lee, 23: Harvard student majoring in neuroscience 

Kim Han-bin, 24: Award-winning chef 

Shin Dong-woo, 32: Cosmetic surgeon 

Kim Jin-young, 28: Former soldier for Korean navy special forces and current youtuber 

Choi Seo-eun, 28: Former Miss Korea and current painter 

Kim Se-jun, 27: Garment cutter working for Single’s Inferno Season 1 cast member Oh Jin-taek’s store ‘Ascottage’ 

Lim Min-su, 26: CEO of online clothing store, ‘Blue Min’

In the first two episodes, all of the male contestants showed interest in only two women: Seo-eun and Seul-ki. The first couple to match and go to Paradise Hotel was Yoong-jae and Seo-eun. 

“It was apparent from the get-go that Yoong-jae had interest in Seo-eun,” Sarah Yim (12), Single’s inferno fanatic, said. “I think the entire audience knew that they were incredibly smitten with each other, and their conversations showed how they clicked super well. I was talking to a couple of my friends about this show, and we were positive that they would be one of the final couples in the end.” 

The next couple was Seul-ki and Dong-woo. 

“I was so surprised when Dong-woo chose Seul-ki,” Michelle Bok (12), fan of dating shows, said. “I thought Dong-woo would initially choose Nadine since she literally went out of her way to indirectly ask Dong-woo on a date. But Dong-woo’s choice proved me wrong. I kind of thought he led her on.”  

Either way, Single’s Inferno MCs pointed out how Seul-ki and Dong-woo did not seem to match well. Their choppy interaction made the entire experience of escaping to paradise awkward. 

“I felt second-hand awkwardness when watching the two at Paradise,” said Michelle. 

Unfortunately, when Nadine and Dong-woo went to Paradise on the second night, their interaction seemed to also be off.

“I felt liike Dong-woo was treating Nadine like a younger sister,” Amber Cheun (12), hopeless romantic, said. “Also, when Nadine revealed that she was a pre-med student, Dong-woo didn’t seem to be that happy about it. Since he already went through the brutal process of studying medicine, I think he knew how hard it was going to be for Nadine to make time in-between her studies. My friends and I think that Dong-woo and Nadine knew, in the back of their minds, that they were not going to be compatible partners.” 

In the third episode, the producers shifted their focus onto So-e who was heartbroken when Yoon-jae did not pick her twice. In an interview, she previously admitted that she liked men with a mature aura like Yoong-jae, hence why she was initially attracted to him. Still, Yoong-jae stayed true to his own feelings and told So-e how he had no interest in getting to know anyone else besides Seo-eun. 

“I’m proud of Seo-e,” Julia Cheon (12), senior who binge-watched the entire series in two days, said. “It’s hard for any girl to have the courage to admit her feelings to a guy she knows isn’t into her. Still, I think this was a pivotal moment, since it opened up another door to getting to know Se-jun.” 

Se-jun was a new contestant who came after Seo-e was torn from Yoong-jae. Fortunately, the timing couldn’t have been any better, since Se-jun asked Seo-e to escape to Paradise with him the next day. From then on, the two have grown closer and eventually became one of the final couples. 

Like Se-jun, Jin-young was also a new participant who joined in the third episode. His charisma and nonchalance captivated Seul-ki and Nadine, shifting the entire dynamic of the initial loveline. 

Jin-young’s entrance sparked a triangle relationship between Seul-ki, Jong-woo, and himself. The MCs exclaimed how evidently desperate Jong-woo was to keep Seul-ki under his wing. Still, Jin-young and Seul-ki went on many casual and formal dates, both on the island and in Paradise.

In the end, the final couples were Seul-ki and Jong-woo, Seo-e and Se-jun, Seo-eun and Yoong-jae.