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5 people per square meter

Crowd crushes are deadly—here’s how to survive

Sophie Choi, Reporter | November 17, 2022

In light of the Itaewon tragedy on Oct. 29 which resulted in the death of 156 people, it is crucial to know how to survive crowd crushes. If you ever find yourself stuck in a wave of people, don’t panic,...

Musk’s purchase of Twitter signals long-term worries

Musk’s purchase of Twitter signals long-term worries

Sophie Choi, Reporter | November 3, 2022

As Elon Musk enters his second week as chief executive of Twitter, the company faces major consequences as Musk has already fired top executives and has announced a plan to remove 75 percent of the company’s...

Message that users were shown upon suspension

Instagram bug locks users out of their accounts

Sophie Choi, Reporter | November 3, 2022

On Oct. 31, millions of Instagram users experienced an outage that told them that their accounts had been suspended. These users were not given an explanation as to why they had suddenly been suspended,...

Do students’ grades really depend on their teachers?

Do students’ grades really depend on their teachers?

Sophie Choi, Reporter | October 26, 2022

Calibrating grades has always been a concern for SIS high school students and teachers, as many students think their grades are unfairly affected by the difference in teachers’ grading standards and...

Students attend Nepal trip information session

Students attend Nepal trip information session

Sophie Choi, Reporter | October 7, 2022

On Oct. 5, Dr. Nave held an information session for the Moonlight Nepal trip in his classroom explaining its purpose and itinerary.  Students who join the trip will leave for Nepal on Dec. 14 and come...

Born Pink peaks at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart dated Oct. 1.

Blackpink sets new records with Born Pink

Sophie Choi, Reporter | October 5, 2022

Blackpink’s second studio album Born Pink debuted on the Billboard 200 albums chart for the Oct. 1-dated charts, making history. This is the group’s first album to rank first on the Billboard 200...

The main actors of Little Women feature in the shows poster.

‘Little Women’ is everyone’s new favorite show

Sophie Choi, Reporter | October 2, 2022

The Korean drama “Little Women” is becoming increasingly popular with every aired episode, receiving praise from its audience for its mystery storyline and exceptional actors. Originally a novel...

Clubs start with updated guidelines for 2022-23 school year

Clubs start with updated guidelines for 2022-’23 school year

Sophie Choi, Reporter | September 15, 2022

Club meetings for the 2022-‘23 school year have started on Sept. 8, with updated guidelines regarding funding that will ensure transparency.  Club funding is a club’s lifeline, the source that...

Graphic by Sophie Choi (11)

SIS introduces new high school testing policies

Sophie Choi, Reporter | September 7, 2022

SIS has created new guidelines for the 2022-’23 school year to combat the prevalence of academic dishonesty and students’ failure to complete formative assignments. Most rules will apply to all high...

Introducing the groups plans moving forward, Mr. Kowalski leads the first NHD meeting.

National History Day student council meets

Sophie Choi, Reporter | August 27, 2022

The National History Day (NHD) student council held their first meeting on Monday, as James Kowalski and Steven Nave introduced the group’s roles and expectations. SIS will be hosting NHD next February,...