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YIC hosts relay race

YIC hosts relay race

Eric Hyunseung Cho, Reporter | November 29, 2022

On Nov 17, Youtube Influencers Club (YIC) hosted a relay race in TG1. Each team had four members who were tasked with running a full lap around TG1. A total of eight students participated in this event,...

A new Lego area for students.

Renovated Elementary School library opens

Andrew Shin, Reporter | November 23, 2022

The SIS Elementary School’s renovated library opened on Nov. 1, featuring new collaborative spaces and over 11,000 books for elementary school students, along with access to electronic books and...

Varsity cheer teams half-time performance

Varsity cheer makes a successful comeback this season

Erin J Choi, Reporter | November 23, 2022

On Nov. 17, the varsity cheer team had its first successful home game of the season. The team performed sideline chants and a half-time performance during the girls and boys varsity basketball game against...

Student holding up the offline survey

Amnesty International hosts human rights survey

Danny Donghyun Han , Reporter | November 17, 2022

Beginning on Nov. 9, Amnesty International (AI) club conducted a school-wide human rights survey to gauge the state of human rights within SIS. A group of AI members went around the school during office...

The recycling bins are available in every classroom in SIS.

How effective is recycling in SIS?

Hannah Yi, Reporter | November 17, 2022

Walking through the hallways around SIS, you may have encountered colorful recycling bins with different labels to separate waste. With a growing global awareness of sustainability, recycling is a practice...

Ian brainstorming his ideas.

SIS teams compete in HiMCM

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor | November 15, 2022

Three SIS teams participated in the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) from Nov. 4-6. The competition involved choosing a real-world problem and creating a mathematical model to predict...

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” attracts first live audience in three years

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” attracts first live audience in three years

Waan Choi, Reporter | November 11, 2022

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the first live HS production in three years, was held in the auditorium on Nov. 4. It attracted faculty, students and parents, proving to be a great success. “‘A...

Varsity basketball boys warm up

Winter sports tryouts begin

Erin J Choi, Reporter | November 9, 2022

Winter sports tryouts for the 2022-’23 season began on Nov. 1 after school, with cheerleading, basketball, and swim tryouts all taking place at different locations. The girls basketball tryouts were...

College Career Consulting

Interview: Senior Early Applications

Jennifer Kwon, Reporter | November 7, 2022

Q1: How do you feel after submitting your early applications?  “I'm happy but nervous at the same time waiting for results!” - Amber Cheun   “I feel pretty good and lightweight. I feel so...

Jay Lee (12) and Eunice Rhee (12) enjoying the DMZ exhibition.

DMZ Eco-Youth Explorers Club members showcase pictures of nature

Joseph Chun, Design & Production Editor | November 3, 2022

DMZ Eco-Youth Explorers Club organized an exhibition “DMZ Through Our Lenses” in the atrium from Oct. 31-Nov. 2, showing pictures of species inhabiting DMZ. Uee Jung (10), Jennie Koo (10), Kaden...

Coding Club computes the Collatz Conjecture.

Coding Club confronts Collatz Conjecture

Andrew Shin, Reporter | October 28, 2022

On Oct. 27, the Coding Club opened a discussion about the Collatz Conjecture, an unsolved mathematical problem that states whether repeating arithmetic operations allows numbers to eventually reach one.  The...

Do students’ grades really depend on their teachers?

Do students’ grades really depend on their teachers?

Sophie Choi, Reporter | October 26, 2022

Calibrating grades has always been a concern for SIS high school students and teachers, as many students think their grades are unfairly affected by the difference in teachers’ grading standards and...