SIS students celebrate the Day of the Dead


On Oct 31, students’ altars and posters went on display in the high school atrium ahead of the annual celebration of Día de los Muertos, a Latin holiday dedicated to honoring and remembering ancestors with friends and family. 

To be part of a holiday celebrated across Mexico, the US, and Central America, SIS students from Spanish classes were tasked with creating a project based on an influential person from the past. Students from Spanish II classes made altars commemorating a historical figure of their choice, while those in Spanish III created posters centered around art.

In addition to the projects, AP Spanish students helped decorate the atrium by placing traditional decorations on the stage of the atrium, including Mexican marigolds made out of paper, and a number of skulls decorated with different colors. AP Spanish students were responsible for creating the banner, which now hangs under the SIS logo of the atrium. Furthermore, the Spanish teachers strung perforated paper (papel picados) around the tables displaying the altars, adding to the festive ambience.

The projects and decorations will remain in the atrium until Nov. 2, when the holiday officially ends. Meanwhile, SIS students and faculty can stop by the atrium to experience the holiday first-hand.