SIS receives official confirmation from WASC


Jack Lee, Reporter

Every six years, members of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visit SIS to evaluate the school’s performance in various areas such as academics and business administration. This year, WASC evaluated the school virtually.

“The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) identifies dozens of important standards and success criteria in every imaginable sector of the school. From teaching and learning, to hiring and professional development practices, to business, facilities, school safety, and child protection,” David Coleman, the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, said. “Having met the required standards, SIS has been granted another six-year term of accreditation from WASC. Achieving this important status is a recognition that our school continues to move in the right direction. We are doing great things for our students and their families, and over the next six years, we will continue to improve.”

The WASC accreditation is meant to validate the professional culture of the staff and faculty.  In response to this achievement, SIS congratulated the faculty by posting photos of the certificate through multiple social media platforms.

“The official WASC Report six-year confirmation demonstrates the hard work of the school faculty and staff,” Jim Gerhard, high school principal, said. “The six-year accreditation cycle validates our school programs and helps to characterize them as rigorous, worthy, and truly aligned with providing students a good education. Similarly, the actual report and confirmation indicate our school meets the metrics for being an exemplary organization that maintains sustainable school programs over a long length of time.” 

The official confirmation from WASC assures that the school fosters continuous improvement in student learning. As the school has continued to make great strides toward academic excellence and global education, SIS is looking forward to promoting more successful learning environments for all students.